Buying Followers Was the Right Move

I knew that I needed to do something to get better results with Twitter. I had never used this social media platform before getting an account for my business, so I was trying to learn how to best utilize it for my needs. I discovered that the only thing that would do this would be to get more followers, views and likes. I thought I was doomed until a friend told me to find out more at on how to improve my Twitter numbers. She had used the same site to build up her own numbers, so it was nice knowing that I could also ask her questions after looking at the site.

It seemed simple enough. I would be able to pay a certain amount of money, and they would ensure that I get the number of followers that I had paid for. When I asked my friend if this was cheating, she laughed because I am the type to chase someone down if they drop even a quarter in front of me. She told me that companies do this to build up numbers quickly, because without numbers, they are not going to be as successful.

It is just taking a shortcut to get the numbers that we would have gotten anyway, and I finally understood when she put it that way. I decided to try for myself, because I knew that I was floundering as far as this part of my work was concerned. I also knew that it would take me a lot of time to develop the kind of feed that I would need to gain followers on my own. I would rather focus my time on working on my feed than in trying to get more followers, so this really helped me out a lot. It worked too, because while my numbers increased rapidly, I was able to spend time marketing myself so I could take advantage of all the new followers that I now had.