Building a Place Near Plainfield

I got hold of this land nearly a year and a half ago, but until recently I did not have the money to build a house upon it. It took me a lot of work and a lot of scrimping and some really good luck, but I have finally gotten the money together for them to start on construction. Of course it requires a lot of planning. I have to figure out where I am going to be after it is done, like for instance how much the power will cost and what the bill for Direct TV in Westfield will cost. Obviously I have other bills to pay. In fact once I get in the house there will be less money going out every month. Getting the down payment together was a bit pain, but the payment on the mortgage will actually be a good deal less than what I was paying in rent for the apartment that I have been living in.

It is actually going to be pretty tight for me until this gets done and I get moved in to the new house. If nothing goes wrong I will be fine, but of course a lot of things can go wrong. For instance you could be going to work one morning and the transmission on your car could go out on you. That is almost sure to be fifteen hundred dollars these days. Of course there is some chance that I would be able to replace it myself, but not a great one and at any rate I would need to get the car fixed. I could go a few days improvising a way to work and back, but over the long term I can not go with no car. There are all sorts of things like that which could cripple me right now.