Booklets Are a Great Way to Advertise

Booklets | Booklet Prints | Cheap Booklet Printing Fast Shipping!593I like to print my own booklets and calendars. I find booklet printing to be a good way to get people interested in any business. You can put enough information to really get them interested. Most people will simply ignore a short flier or card. They see those all the time. Well made booklets can even be left places where people will be waiting around and want something to read. As long as it is interesting and has some photos then people will read it just as often as any magazine. After all magazines are mostly ads anyway.

You can attach business cards to the booklets to give people something to take if they are interested since it would be best for you if they left the booklet for someone else to read. Also make your contact info easy to remember, like a simple website or email name, so they won’t feel the need to take the booklet with them. If they do take the booklet though it is no big deal since you can simply bring more to leave later.

You need to be careful though since some waiting areas are monitored and will remove anything they do not approve of. I even had one dentist take my booklets and magazines to have the doctors check for if they felt they were appropriate for the patients. I suppose this prevent people leaving porn magazines but is a bit silly to have to go through. Most of the time people are happy for any reading material to be left and wont check or bother about it. They have more people taking the reading material than leaving it for others.

I recommend walking in and sitting down for a bit then leaving your booklets on the table. No one will mind in most places.