Best Dentists for Receiving Dental Implants

I was in an accident recently, and I knocked out my two front teeth. It was pretty painful, and I might have done some other damage to my face, when it happened. I am not sure about that, but mostly, I am worried about the loss of my teeth. Those are the two teeth that I can least afford to lose, and I would like to look into a way to get them replaced. I have been on this site – – for the last few minutes, trying to gather information, and figure out if it is the best place for me to go to address the loss of my front teeth.

I was not able to find both of my front teeth, following the accident. I think that I might have swallowed one of them. I hope that it dissolves in my stomach, and I do not hear anything else from it. Anyway, I need to get something done quickly, because I do not think this is the type of injury that I should allow to heal, before seeking some sort of treatment.

I guess that I am going to need to have dental implants put in, in order to replace my missing teeth. I am not going to go through life without those teeth, and I do not want to have to dentures. I think it would suit me a lot better, to just have implants that are permanently attached in my mouth. However, I am kind of worried about the pain that would be associated with implanting the new artificial teeth into my mouth. I wonder how the procedure is done, and what safety risks are involved. I guess the whole thing makes me nervous, but I do know that it is something that needs to be done.