Almost Finished Moving into My New Place

We found a new place and we have just gotten moved in. It is not all that far from where I work and it is really convenient for Jane. She likes the fact that her Mom is not more than a few blocks away. So she can help out with the baby any time that we need her to do it. Of course the mother in law is thrilled about this, she loves to help out with her grand baby. The house needs a few things. I already talked to a tree service in Brooklyn NY. There is a huge tree right above the left side of the house and it has a large dead limb right above the side porch. There is not much choice except to get rid of it and I am certainly not going to try to do it myself. That is a very good way to end up with a broken neck. I am not thinking it is going to be an easy job for a professional either, they are going to have to figure out how to get the limb on the ground without it becoming a projectile. Of course I am worried that one day I would walk out the side door and that limb will fall and land on top of my head. I would guess that it weighs around three hundred pounds and it would be going quite fast before it hit me. So if it came down on top of a person, that is most probably going to be the end of them. There is not going to be much way I would want to test the idea, so I have to do something about it before the limb comes down on it’s own. That is only a logical line of thought.