A Classic Car for a Classy Couple

Wedding Cars Manchester Wedding Cars Rollers Wedding Cars VehiclesMy mom asked me to be her witness when she got married. That might sound odd, but she has been single most of her life. My biological father was never in the picture, and she did a fantastic job of raising me on her own. She fell in love with a man she met on an Internet forum, and they decided to marry after dating for nearly a year. She wanted a simple ceremony, and I agreed with her about that. That didn’t stop me from looking into different manchester wedding cars though.

She doesn’t like to call attention to herself at all, which is why I thought that a small ceremony with only a handful of our relatives and friends was best. There would be a small tea afterwards, but then the rest of the day would belong to her and her new husband. I wanted them to be able to go to a nice dinner in style on such a special day.