A Book by the Water

There are a lot of people that like to go on vacation and spend time by the pool or the water when they are looking to relax and do nothing. One of those places that people like to go is the panorama where they can sit and not worry about anything else in the world. It is a great thing when you are able to sit back and just think about nothing as the clouds roll by in the cool breeze. There is nothing like sitting back and watching the clouds go by you, where you are able to think about what shapes they are forming. It can be a game to make yourself relax, do you see a bird or a plane in the clouds, or is it a bigger animal? Whatever you see in the clouds, it can be fun and you will feel a lot better when you are able to relax and take the time to jog your memory.

One of my favorite past times was going to the beach with my friends in the summer and thinking about the all the different shapes there were. We would pick a cloud and tell each other what shape we see, then they would have to make another suggestion, to see whether or not I could tell the difference within the same cloud. I hope that I will get a chance to play this game with my kids when I take them to the beach this summer, we always have a great time together and like to play different games on the spot. I am hoping that they will like to play this game as it will challenge their imagination and make them think on a creative side. I have to get them to play before they think they are too old to play with me.