A Big Cake for a Big Occasion

To commemorate the success of my brother’s business, I decided to get a cake for him. My brother runs a company that makes custom toys for people. Whatever the people request, my brother’s company will make it, as long as it’s a certain size. My brother makes the toys with his 3D printer. The printer was a worthwhile investment for him, because it allows him to make the toys easily without a lot of work. I decided to get him a cake from www.cakeflower.com.sg in the shape of a giant 3D printer.

The cake would be a 3D cake instead of a flat one, and would have a miniature toy being printed out. The toy would be made of cake as well. I wanted every part of the cake to be edible. Keeping the cake a secret from my brother was pretty hard. I had to order the cake without him finding out, and then I had to think of a way to get the cake home without him seeing it. Hiding a cake that large isn’t easy, especially when you’re trying to keep it cool and prevent it from falling apart. I picked up the cake while my brother was at work and I placed it in a cooler out of sight.

When my brother got home, I pretended as if everything was normal. When he wasn’t looking, I set up the cake and showed it to him. He was excited to see the cake, and amazed at someone was able to make a cake that large. He really got a kick out of the edible toy being printed on the cake. I had to use a large knife to cut the cake. By the end of the day, we still had a lot of cake left over, but at least it was able to fit in the refrigerator.