A Beautiful Place to Call Home

There are many places that we can call home but finding that place can be a difficult task. My family has moved all over the world and we have jumped from place to place to place over and over again. It hasn’t always been easy for any of us because, deep down, we all wanted a place that we could truly call a home. We wanted to be able to set roots down and be an actual family that doesn’t have to move constantly. I think, finally, we have found a place like that in the panorama. This place is going to be beautiful when it finally opens and we have been looking at it closely for a while now, ever since it was in construction and just an idea on paper my father was on top of it like a bloodhound rooting out a duck! He caught whiff of it early on and knew that this was going to be the home for our family.

It hasn’t been easy for any of us, especially my mother. She came from a place that was very family focused with a home of their own. She understood, from early on, that a home was necessary to bring a family closer together. Thus, the more we moved, the more she felt that our family was growing apart from each other. It was a terrible feeling for her and watching her experience those emotions, the terror and dread that we might grow so far apart from each other that we would no longer be a family – it was a very difficult thing for me to see on her face. Now that she sees a home on the horizon I can see the hope grow in her that we will no longer be so disparate from each other.